Hi!  My name is Linda Soderberg.  I am a Certified Primal Health Coach and owner of Primalife, a business designed to help people who are interested in pursuing a healthier life.  Before becoming a Health Coach, I worked as an Exercise Specialist in a Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center.  I loved my time in Cardiac Rehab but realized my real passion was in learning how food can heal our bodies and often times eliminate the symptoms associated with disease.

My goal in life is to be healthy, happy and fit.  As a lifelong runner with a love for fitness and cooking nutritious meals, living a healthy lifestyle came pretty easy to me.  That is, until 6 years ago. It was at that time that I started having minor health issues which I initially attributed to getting older (conventional wisdom at its best).  Those problems unfortunately led to other issues and a more serious diagnosis.  After a series of bi-yearly blood labs and advice by my physician to start medication (and maybe a small dose of stubbornness), I knew I had to become my own advocate.  I felt as though the foundation and knowledge that I had built my diet around had failed me or at best was crumbling.  I knew there was something better out there.

That’s when I discovered the Primal movement and decided to commit to the challenge of changing how I ate.  It was time for a new approach!  I learned firsthand the healing power of food and the amazing health benefits of living the primal life…symptom and medication free!   My mission for Primalife is to share my passion and what I have learned (and continue to learn) on my health journey. I will help you discover the boundless benefits of eating real, nutrient-dense foods and the positive impact it can have on your health and well-being.

I would be honored to help you become the best you can be and begin your diet and lifestyle transformation today!


Primal Health is based on the evolutionary health movement which can be accredited to Mark Sisson, best-selling health and fitness author. Known as the “godfather” in the Primal/Paleo community, he is also the founder of Primal Nutrition, Primal Kitchen and his blog,  The Primal model emphasizes and encourages nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that support our optimal gene expression.  All humans are born with the same basic genetic blueprint and by choosing a diet based on real foods, low-carb eating, proper exercise and movement, and the correct balance of sleep and stress management we can achieve and sustain our health goals.

We have all evolved to eat and move a certain way to obtain our optimal level of health and longevity. What makes us each unique are our familial genes.  Family genes will naturally determine the particulars of an individual’s appearance, personality and also how their bodies respond to various lifestyles and environmental signals.  However, people will often speak of undesirable family genes which they may have inherited or are predisposed to and they assume it is inevitable they will succumb to the same health problems as their parents or grandparents…obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  Rest assured, you are not necessarily destined to the same fate!  By choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, you can transform your health and well-being. Think of your genes as a series of switches which can be turned on or off.  Poor dietary and lifestyle decisions may “turn on” your predisposed negative health conditions but you can also “turn off” those same genes by taking ownership of your health through healthy living.  Pretty awesome, right!?

The Four Pillars of Primal Health

1. Nutrition

2. Exercise

3. Quality sleep

4. Stress management


The Primal diet or template centers around nutrient-dense whole foods.  This list includes quality meats, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit, healthy fats, high quality dairy (if tolerated) and nuts and seeds.  By eating a variety of these foods, we can obtain the macronutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies need for optimal health.  At the same time, it is important to avoid or eliminate the foods known to be problematic to our health such as grains, highly processed vegetable and seed oils, refined sugars, soy and processed foods.

The main focus will be to maximize the intake of foods that improve our health and minimize the intake of foods that are harmful to our health.  Pretty simple, right?  Because each individual’s body is different, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.  That is why the Primal plan can work for everyone.  Eating Primal is flexible enough so you can make choices based on your lifestyle, goals and health conditions.  PERFECTION IS NOT THE GOAL.  The Primal plan is designed to educate individuals and empower them to live a healthier life and to be the Best They Can Be!

The Primal diet is not your typical restrictive diets of the past, centered around conventional wisdom and out-dated studies.  It is a diet and lifestyle movement of the future and its foundation is based on modern scientific research and how we as humans were genetically designed to eat and move. Following the Primal diet and lifestyle will enable you to achieve and maintain the goals you’ve always wished for yourself but for one reason or another have not had success.  Let’s face it, sometimes life just gets in the way.  The Primal lifestyle is a sustainable plan that will carry you through your entire life and it can have positive and lasting results on your health and well-being.

The statement, “You can’t out exercise a bad diet!”, cannot be more right on!  We now know that our body composition is determined 80% by our diets and 20% by our exercise regimen.  Why are so many people sabotaging their hard efforts in the gym by eating so many of the wrong foods?  Most often, it is not their fault.  With all the misinformation and conflicting messages, people are confused.   Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to make the best choices for your optimal health.  Be on the cutting edge of the movement towards better health.