Avocado and Sweet Potato Brownies

These brownies are so legit!  They are chocolatey and super moist, but at the same time not overly sweet.  Your family and friends will never know you made them with all these healthy ingredients.  After you receive all the compliments,  you can tell them the stars of the show! Note:  I use the peppermint oil in […]

November 27, 2017 0 comment
Cranberry Orange Bread

It’s November and that means cranberry season.  This recipe caught my eye because of the cranberry and orange combo…yummy!  A bit more time consuming than some, but worth it.  The recipe calls for fresh cranberries…I know, many of you will be wondering if frozen cranberries would work as well.  I say, this time of the year, […]

November 7, 2017 0 comment